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When you’re at work or out running errands, your dog can be playing and getting the attention it needs instead of sitting there bored or chewing on the furniture. Why leave your pup at home with a pet sitter when they can spend the day playing and socializing with other dogs, burning energy? My-T-Fine Kennels offers a full-day daycare program for our clients throughout Delaware, OH, and surrounding areas.

Our Daycare Experience

We want to help our daycare dogs become one with nature on our beautiful farm. In daycare, your dog can run and play on our farm in our two grass yards, or opt to play indoors, depending on the weather and your dog’s comfort. We test all pets for their temperament before they join our daycare, so we can place them in the right playgroups or give them the individual attention they need to feel safe and happy. We also give the dogs breaks throughout daycare so they have time to rest. Just like kids, they can become tired and cranky if left to play all day. 

We have both indoor and outdoor play so no matter the weather we can play! There are also several types of toys available, whether your dog likes to squeak on soft toys, chew on hard bones, or catch frisbees. During daycare, our dogs have opportunities to be fed lunch. You are welcome to bring meals should they need to be fed while at daycare – we do ask that items are labeled. Our team can also administer any medications that your dog may need.

Daycare Assessment

We do an assessment for all dogs joining our daycare to ensure compatibility with our daycare group. Assessments are $60 per dog and take place Monday through Wednesday.

  • Drop-off
    • Monday-Wednesday: 7am – 8am
  • Pick-up
    • Monday-Wednesday: 5pm – 7pm

Vaccination Requirements

Our vaccination requirements include Rabies, DAP, and Bordetella. Puppies are welcome as soon as they have completed their Bordetella and DAP series.

Daycare Hours

Our daycare hours are from 7am-7pm with pick-up and drop-off times listed below. Reservations are required.

  • Drop-off
    • Monday-Friday: 7am – 11am
  • Pick-up
    • Monday-Friday: 5pm – 7pm

Daycare Rates

My-T-Fine Kennels’ daycare options and rates include:

  • $60 for a one-time assessment prior to joining the daycare group.
  • Seize the Play!
    • For social butterflies that just want a PAWtastic playday with friends!
    • $24/day per dog
    • $22/day per 2nd dog from the same household
    • $20/day per 3rd dog from the same household
    • $222 for a 12-day package (Expires 3 months from purchase day)
  • Waggology!
    • Our most popular option! Enrichment and brain game activities in addition to play groups to keep brains busy and active!
    • $27/day per dog
    • $25/day per 2nd dog from the same household
    • $23/day per 3rd dog from the same household
    • $264 for a 12-day package (Expires 3 months from purchase day)
  • Paws, Play & Beyond!
    • A VIP pass to training and dog sports that are on rotation every 3 months!
    • $60 add-on to Seize the Play! rates above for 3 months worth of sports!
  • Daycare Academy!
    • A daycare and train option where your pup can play and learn!
    • Customizable to your pup's specific needs!
    • $480 for 12 days (expires 3 months from purchase day)

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