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My-T-Fine Kennels is proud to be a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner. No matter your dog’s breed or age, we are here to help your pet with our obedience and behavioral training. We provide a series of individual lessons to help you address obedience and behavioral issues, while also helping you develop a good relationship with your dog. We look forward to guiding your dog down the right path to become an upstanding citizen.

Our Programs

My-T-Fine Kennels offers multiple types of training programs to best suit your goals and your pup's needs.

Daycare & Training

This combination of daycare and training includes:

  • $480 for 12 days/lessons
    • The lesson plan includes touch, sit, down, and loose leash walking with duration, distraction, and distance.
    • Customizable for one or two pesky behaviors or if your pup already knows the basics.
  • Custom pricing for behavioral problems.

Board & Train

Let us help train your dog while they are boarding with us.

  • $1,190 for 7 days
  • $1,792 for 14 days
  • $3,584 for 28 days

Virtual Online Via Zoom

Great flexibility for people short on time, but still need help!

  • $150 consultation
    • Required to evaluate how we can best help you and your pup.
    • We discuss goals and make a game plan to help you train your pup.
    • The consultation fee of $150 will be deducted from a 6 session package if you decide to purchase one.
  • $150 behavioral evaluation
    • 1.5-2 hours to address behaviors such as separation anxiety, inter-household aggression, resource guarding, or reactivity.
    • You will leave with new tools in your toolbox to help solve problems, and recommendations or referrals if needed.
    • We put together a training plan and a schedule for follow-ups if recommended
  • $80/hour for one zoom session
  • $480 for a 6 session package (expires 2 months after day of purchase)
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Vaccination Requirements

Our vaccination requirements include Rabies, DAP, and Bordetella. Puppies are welcome as soon as they have completed their Bordetella and DAP series.

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